Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Are your solar panels working less effectively?

We’re one of the very few companies cleaning solar panels across the whole of Hertfordshire

Are your solar panels working less effectively?

Solar panels are magnets for bird droppings, dust and dirt, and with every smudge they collect, they generate less power.

Did you know that clean solar panels are up to 30% more energy efficient?

Research shows that clean panels produce anything from 25-30% more power, and that means more money off your energy bills.

So is solar panel cleaning worth it?

If you want to maximise your investment, the answer is yes. In fact, solar-panel manufacturers recommend cleaning them every six months to keep them in great condition.

Solar panel cleaning Hertfordshire

How we can help

With our expertise in high-rise window cleaning and our water-fed Reach and Wash solutions, you can trust us to perform a safe, thorough clean of your solar panels.

Keeping your solar panels efficient

  • Soft brushes ensure all dust and dirt is gently lifted from the panels.
  • No chemicals are used on any of the delicate surfaces.
  • Jets of pure, de-ionised water rinse the panels clean, leaving them smear-free and spotless.
  • Our eco-friendly service has eco-friendly results – more free energy from the sun.
Solar panel cleaning Hertfordshire